Philadelphia - Home of the Philly Cheesesteak

Company History

If there are two things we love, it’s food and family—and that’s what we built our company on. 

Liberty Bell Steak Co. was founded by Gus Pahides; who was an independent food service distributor and looking to expand his family owned business. In 1986 he started Liberty Bell Steak Co. in order to better serve his customers with the best steak meat in the city. From humble beginning coupled with a strong will and determination to succeed, Liberty Bell Steak Co. 

Today, Liberty Bell Steak Co., now headed by President and CEO John Vellios and has experienced continued growth and expansion over the years. Throughout Liberty Bell’s longevity in the meat supply industry we have maintained Gus Pahides same family business values and quality standards. Today Liberty Bell Steak Co. is recognized as an industry leader with distributors throughout the U.S and Canada.

Liberty Bell Steak Co. is a Federal USDA inspected facility that maintains the highest degree of quality control standards for our product.  Our steaks are made from the choicest cuts of solid-muscle domestic steer beef.  We demand superior standards and consistency from our meat suppliers, with whom we have built strong and reliable relationships. It is our belief that business starts and ends with the customer and our success depends on meeting those needs best we can.